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A few of my favorite things

Something I look forward to sharing with you all are some of my favorite things. Ingredients, cookbooks, kitchen tools...basically all things kitchen!

Today I just wanted to share a gallery of some of my favorites. Having favorites in your kitchen makes it special, brings back memories of a fun time or a yummy food experience. I have a cookbook with a recipe for Balsamic Vinaigrette with vinegar splatter marks all over the page and every time I make that recipe I remember that night, my friend and I in the kitchen and how hard we laughed when I knocked the measuring cup over and all over my then brand new book.

So for today, I just want to share a few of my favorites.

Wooden spoons from around the world

These spoons bring me joy when I go to grab one to stir with or serve a yummy bowl of hot yellow curry. I started collecting these when my son graduated from high school and we took a trip to Italy. There was a cute little shop in Bellagio. They are hand carved and so smooth and beautiful to look at plus they bring back the memories of how much fun we had strolling the streets of Bellagio and popping in and out of the unique stores that made it fun for everyone to find something special and unique to remember the trip by. For me it was the spoons. So now when I travel and see wooden spoons that have been hand carved or are from a native tree of the area, I make sure to grab one for me and sometimes bring one home for a loved one or friend.

Most of my cookbooks!!!

These are MOST of my cookbooks! My husband added this shelf in our kitchen for me years ago so I wouldn't have to go to our office shelves to get my cookbooks each night. But what I love is that I can look at each of these cookbooks and know each one for a different special reason. I remember certain ones were gifts from a loved one, or a hand me down gift, or a recommended book from someone else who loved their copy. Each one holds recipes I have tried and had success and made a million times, some that weren't so successful (and I note why on the page), and there are still many to be tried yet. To me, this shelf full of color and various sizes all snugly resting against each other, looks like a piece of art that I get to enjoy each day. Just another reason I love to get cooking in my kitchen.

My Grandmother's bowl

This bowl is super special to me as it was my Grandmother's. She would serve up pasta and meatballs in this bowl for Sunday dinners. I love this bowl because it brings me back to my childhood and being in her kitchen. She made awesome meatballs but had no exact measurements, so I made her write it down one day and I still have her hand written recipe on a blue index card. I shall share it with you in the future on this blog, once I get going and get in the groove of this blogging process :-)


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