Mama Bird’s Kitchen: The Who, What, Why and Everything in Between

Updated: Apr 22, 2020

Welcome to Mama Bird’s Kitchen! My name is Alice Birdsley, long-time food lover, doting wife, and mother of three nearly full-grown kiddos. Over the years I have fed the masses, whether it be through catering gigs, volunteer meals for church, or, of course, my family and friends. If you know me already, you know that I eat, sleep, and dream of food. Some might say it is in my genes, dating back to the days of my Italian grandfather’s butcher shop in New Jersey. We lived the true Italian-American stereotypical life, meaning Sundays were precious and reserved exclusively for family dinner. Having a butcher in the family meant dinner was centered around a big cut of meat, lamb and beef being the usual suspects. The most glorious part always was watching Grandpa carve the show-stopper, and him slipping me the perfect, crispy tendrils of fat that literally melted in my mouth. Can you taste my childhood yet?<