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Sunday Funday Brunch with Avocado Toasts

As we are still in the midst of COVID-19, our Sunday morning looks like this... My hubby Jeff and I get up around 9, which is sleeping in LATE for a Sunday, as we have served on our church's hospitality team 2 Sundays a month for years. We so miss seeing our friends and worshiping at our church every week, however, we have enjoyed our new Sunday morning routine. We drink our coffee, watch our church service live at 10 am, then I make a little brunch and most Sundays, Mimosas!! Before COVID-19 Jeff and I loved to go to a cute local Mexican restaurant, Santa Catarina for Brunch after church and they had $2 Mimosas...I felt like I was on vacation in Mexico, the food was authentic and delicious, and what's better than a $2 Mimosa?? Answer: The close second is brunch and Mimosas at home.

So this Sunday morning after watching our service online I started looking in the fridge and pantry and was happy to recall I had bought avocados yesterday. I had eggs, bread, and praise the Lord we had bacon! Brunch is NOT complete at Casa de Birdsley without BACON! So I decided to make Avocado Toasts. Simple but delicious and pretty too.

I also made Beurre Blanc last night to go with my sauteed leeks, my hubby's favorite side, so I just took the cold Burre Blanc and let it melt over the hot egg, YUM!

Alice’s Avocado Toast


6 slices of perfectly cooked bacon

2 eggs fried over easy (or your favorite preferred egg preparation)

2 pieces of toast

1 avocado (smashed in a bowl with a teaspoon of everything seasoning)


Put your toasted bread on a plate and spread with smashed avocado, place fried egg next, then top with perfectly cooked bacon slices. Sprinkle with additional everything seasoning.

For a fun brunch plate add additional accompaniments of cottage cheese and fresh blueberries or other favorite fruit. Oh and a Mimosa (if you are over 21 years old).

Note: If you've never tried Everything Seasoning, check out this link for LOTS of inspiration!


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Looking forward to trying this, just needs more bacon....haha....


Denise Mendez
Denise Mendez
Jul 02, 2020

Yum! This looks delish!

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