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Beef Bulgogi with Cucumber Kimchi Salad

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Monday night is my 15 year old's night with friends to watch the Bachelor...eye roll... sorry. Tonight, I was excited to have them for dinner with once again Magnolia Table's recipe of Beef Bulgogi. They loved it and learned a little bit while helping me prep. I am fortunate to have an Asian Market close by my house so I can pick up Bulgogi beef, which is super thin sliced ribeye. If you don't have an Asian Market near by just buy your beef and freeze for 30-40 minutes and then slice thinly.

The beef needs to marinate for 4-5 hours. So I made the marinade and marinated the meat before the girls got home from school. You could also make the marinade the night before then add your thinly sliced beef the next day.

I found cooking the beef in batches in a cast iron skillet worked much better than on the grill.

While I was tending to the beef the girls made the Kimchi Salad. Getting kids involved in the cooking process has many benefits. It saves me time, they learn and are inspired, they spend quality time together (off their phones).

The kimchi salad calls for gochugaru, which is Korean red pepper flakes, however I had gochujang, which can also be used as a substitute, or you can use Hungarian Paprika.

Here is the finished ready to eat dish. We served it with rice which I made in my instant pot...if you have not made rice in an instant pot, you really must try it. It is like a dream come true...literally perfect every time (oh and so are hard boiled eggs!!!!!!!)

I hope you enjoy this dish as much as we did!!!


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